Petr Přibyl - Transportation - About


The Company PETR PŘIBYL s.r.o. operates:

• 20 semi-trailer trucks with effective weight up to 26 tons, loading height 2.73 m and capacity 93 m².

• 16 special semi-trailer trucks used for the transport of paper rolls up to 3.5 tons (single roll) = joloda (skate&track) systems. The roll is transported using a special trolley by a driver along the board of the semi-trailer as far as the rear door. This technology enables maximum use of the semi-trailer space without the risk of damaging the load, while the duration of loading or unloading is reduced by approx. 33%. The variability of the system also allows conventional loading and unloading of goods.

• special trailers with the hydraulic roof and paper-roll stands.  

• semi-trailers with the walking floor.